Logical progression.
All created by the lovely Lintu on the Ask Wanker blog.

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The FULL chatlog RP

lightninghasnoshadowyoumoron submitted:

 ”What are you doin?” he spluttered as the Spy slinked into his arms, hovering inches away from his mouth

The Spy pursed his lips, uttering “Omlette du fromage”

LightningsShadow: PPPFFFFFFFFFF

Lintufriikki: omg

Lintufriikki: dying

LightningsShadow: secret sex weapon that

MouseFace: pfffthahahaha

Lintufriikki: instant boner

Lintufriikki: lmaoooo

LightningsShadow: rips jeans

LightningsShadow: in its power

Lintufriikki: you’re killing me

JustAMus: Wanker’s ear hairs stiffened with the sheer sexual power of the softly whispered syllables, literally feeling the caress of Spy’s lips as they shaped each word..

maelgwyn: The Spy, his eyes wide with surprise as the Sniper ran his hand around the base of his neck. “You know just what to say,” he murmered, “to make a man feel special”

JustAMus: In response, Wanka groaned deep in his throat, a sound of such utter masculinity that Spy felt his balaclava start to sweat on his behalf.

maelgwyn: The Spy peeled away, the thin ribbon of spit hung between their lips.  “Oui, I have a secret, I am really a,” he peeled off his balaclava, “a Swiss!”

maelgwyn: Wanker looked at him, amused, “You really think I give a shit mate?”

Jal: waaanker addjkfh\

maelgwyn: The Spy, his smile wide, “It does not bother you?” “Nah mate,” he responded, “You guys make good chocolate

JustAMus: Spy licked his suddenly dry lips, the brief flash of tongue electrifying Wanker with its darting movement. He felt the tips of his subtly pointed ears curl from the testosterone fug hanging in the air

JustAMus: Wanker’s gaze was fixed on Spy’s luscious, now-wet lips, focusing on how delectable was their gleam, like a pair of perfectly steamed prawns at Christmas lunch..

maelgwyn: It will be called, “Poission a la Australian”

JustAMus: Spy fixed Wanker with a steely stare, doing his damnedest not to waver. He was not going to admire the Platonic arch of his eyebrows, like gulls’ wings in flight

JustAMus: He was not going to watch the tiny beads of sweat march in lockstep down the ridge of that noble nose, the nostrils flaring like cathedral buttresses.

JustAMus: He was not going to watche the quaver of the tiny hairs on his upper lip where Wanker had failed to shave properly, tiny golden sparks glinting in the light reflecting off the gleaming amber lenses

JustAMus: He was definitely not going to feel the radiated heat from somewhat…lower, where Wanker was making it very clear that he found Spy to live up to his (admittedly quite low) standards.

maelgwyn: Wanker sighed at the Spy, his confidence crumbling at the way he walked, his hips swaying slightly, the way the shoes clicked on the concrete.  He felt trapped, and he knew that the Spy could read it.

maelgwyn: The smirk on the balaclava covered face, the way that the leather gloves kneaded together… Wanker gulped.  “Monsieur Wanker, it is a pleasure to finally meet you”

JustAMus: Wanker on his part was finding it very difficult to watch Spy. The tiny shifts of the balaclava as he breathed were as erotic to him as watching silky lycra stretch and slide across a ripe model’s bot

JustAMus: Spy flared his nostrils in agitation, like some moths their eyespots

JustAMus: , and Wanker almost hooded his eyes in arousal, his mouth drying like his chapped lips

JustAMus: Wanker cursed for the first time his own habit of not wearing underwear, as his own trousersnake was hellbent on finding its own way out of its too-tight cotton prison.

maelgwyn: The burgeoning erection strained painfully against the zip.  He cursed the lack of foresight to wear his button fly.

maelgwyn: The Spy smirked, “Do not worry, you wont be wearing them long.”

maelgwyn: The warm leather slid over the rough fabric, deft fingers teasing with the zipper tongue

JustAMus: He was sure he would have metal toothprints permanently imprinted on his foreskin.

maelgwyn: The smell of tobacco was heightened as he whispered, “Monsieur Wanker, I can do that with my teeth too.” The wide toothy grin was almost animalistic.  Wanker gulped, being helpless unfamiliar

JustAMus: There was a sudden melodic ‘PING!’ noise, as the pressure of Wanker’s mighty Scope caused the top button on his trousers to fly across the room, narrowly missing Spy’s exquisitely chiseled nose.

maelgwyn: Wanker, gaining some composure, pointed his fingers at the Spy, “Boom. Headshot”

JustAMus: …and embedding itself in the plaster of the far wall.

maelgwyn: “I think not,” the Spy replied, “your aim is terrible”

maelgwyn: “Wanna bet, wanker?”

maelgwyn: “Shall we find out?”

JustAMus: “I always get it in… whatever I’m aiming for, Spah..” Spy’s ears heated to boiling point as he watched Wanker’s lips and tongue caress the words as they emerged. He gulped and waved away stray wisps of steam

maelgwyn: “And my aim, she’s more true than a HK down the highway”

maelgwyn: “Wanker,” the Spy chuckled as the leather gloves traced the Wanker’s defined pectorals

maelgwyn: “Is it cold in here? Or… do I press some buttons no?”

maelgwyn: “Mate, if you woud stop turning down the AC it would be warmer!” the Wanker stammered, grasping at straws, like how he wished he had grasped at a turtleneck sweater only an hour ago

JustAMus: Wanker took a deep breath, bringing his gloriously coppery tanned chest closer to the gloved fingertips.

maelgwyn: ((The Spy’s teeth cut uncomfortably, although not unwantedly as he suckled on Wanker’s teet, as a lamb on its mother))

JustAMus: He could feel every move, every twist of the fine calfskin like it was sandpaper, as if his very chest hairs had become as sensitive as insect antennae, his erect man-rivets hard as garnets.

JustAMus: Spy’s gloved fingers followed the fine lines of Wanker’s chest hair, tracing every whorl, every swirl, like leaves caught helplessly in an eddy. He put up no more than a token resistance before

JustAMus: reaching to fondle one of Wanker’s straining nipples as carefully and lovingly as the admiral of a nuclear submarine would polish The Big Red Button.

JustAMus: Spy leaned bodily into Wanker, pressing him back against the wall, the heat of the infamous Wanker Scope searing against his washboard stomach, enjoying the sound of his silk suit rasping across the

JustAMus: sueded Wankerscape.

JustAMus: Wanker sighed inwardly at the featherweight press of Spy against his long, lean length.

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They’re bloody fun to tease, and yeh oi do like to kiss them sometimes. But wot oi don’t like is when they sneak behind me with a knoife…

They’re bloody fun to tease, and yeh oi do like to kiss them sometimes. But wot oi don’t like is when they sneak behind me with a knoife…